Busy Times

We have been trying to find a weekend to meet up with some friends, but with all of the children’s various social events and ours, the first one we could come up with was in 8 weeks time !!!

Many people must have this sort of conversation:

A: It would be nice to see ‘C’+’D’ at some point. We haven’t seen them in ages. Their turn to cook though. Shall we invite ourselves over for Sunday lunch?

B: God wouldn’t it? Ok – I’ll call them. Are we free this Sunday?

A: I think so. Hang on – I’ll check the calendar. Oh no. ‘G’ has a party

B: What time? Can we still go?

A: No. 2-4.30pm. Damn. That screws up the whole day.

B: Ok – next weekend.

A: Your sisters. Half term. The kids were desperate to see their cousins.

B: Oh yes. Right – weekend after.

A: ‘M’s birthday. Your mum’s here on Saturday. We’re taking her back on Sunday.

B: Oh yes. The weekend after that?!

A: My sister has asked me to go to Ireland for her ex’s 50th. Not sure if I can, but better keep it free, just in case.

B: Ok – the next one?

A: H’s 40th. Already booked the hotel room.

B: Ok. The weekend after?

A: Your cousins 40th. We have to be late because of work, but we are still going.

B: The next weekend?

A: You’re booked in to do some odd jobs for ‘S’.

B: The next weekend?

A: ‘M’ has a play date. Can’t cancel. We had to last time.

B: One after that?

A: I don’t think that we have anything on. I’ll text them and see if they’re free.


A: They’re busy. Weekend after?!

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