Strange Times.

So – a rejection for a job that I was completely unqualified for isn’t a huge surprise, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. And I wasn’t. Just a bit disappointed. But – there is a meeting with BBC Wiltshire’s editor on Monday – and I have one interview done. I may get a chance to do another one tomorrow too. So why am I feeling dispondant?

The initial excitement and thrill of going to the Women in Radio event has worn off and there is just a little fear and apprehension now. How do you make the right impression when you meet someone who could help you change your career for the better? I used to have a tendency to bang in to a piece of furniture when I was introduced as a ‘Dance Teacher’, so who knows what I will do when I am introduced on Monday?

What am I anyway? An agency worker? A support worker? A Company Director? A Dance Teacher? A mum? All of those things I suppose. And a ‘Women In Radio’………finalist? Competition winner? Successful entrant?! Hopeful? Attendee?

So – wish me luck. Just the Theatre and Dance company to run on Saturday, a flat warming party to go to for the autistic man that I teach drama to on Sunday, and then the big day on Monday. Crikey.

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