Busy Times

We have been trying to find a weekend to meet up with some friends, but with all of the children’s various social events and ours, the first one we could come up with was in 8 weeks time !!!

Many people must have this sort of conversation:

A: It would be nice to see ‘C’+’D’ at some point. We haven’t seen them in ages. Their turn to cook though. Shall we invite ourselves over for Sunday lunch?

B: God wouldn’t it? Ok – I’ll call them. Are we free this Sunday?

A: I think so. Hang on – I’ll check the calendar. Oh no. ‘G’ has a party

B: What time? Can we still go?

A: No. 2-4.30pm. Damn. That screws up the whole day.

B: Ok – next weekend.

A: Your sisters. Half term. The kids were desperate to see their cousins.

B: Oh yes. Right – weekend after.

A: ‘M’s birthday. Your mum’s here on Saturday. We’re taking her back on Sunday.

B: Oh yes. The weekend after that?!

A: My sister has asked me to go to Ireland for her ex’s 50th. Not sure if I can, but better keep it free, just in case.

B: Ok – the next one?

A: H’s 40th. Already booked the hotel room.

B: Ok. The weekend after?

A: Your cousins 40th. We have to be late because of work, but we are still going.

B: The next weekend?

A: You’re booked in to do some odd jobs for ‘S’.

B: The next weekend?

A: ‘M’ has a play date. Can’t cancel. We had to last time.

B: One after that?

A: I don’t think that we have anything on. I’ll text them and see if they’re free.


A: They’re busy. Weekend after?!

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10 best bits of advice from the Women in Radio Day

These were some of the nuggets that I picked out from the day. There was lots of practical stuff about how to get yourself in to radio, but these gems were what resonated with me. 

  1. Good talking is about good listening.
  2. Be yourself – that’s what local radio want.
  3. Trust your gut – you’re your own best judge.
  4. If you have ‘imposter syndrome’, then you’re probably in the right place.
  5. Women are funny in private but not so good at being funny in public. Be confident! 
  6. Don’t worry about making mistakes – it’s what makes us all human.
  7. Put your audience first – it’s not about what you want to hear. It’s about them.
  8. Remember the name of everyone that you hear on your local radio station.
  9. Women are great at understanding human beings – don’t forget that.
  10. If you ask a man why he would be good for a job, he will give you 10 reasons why he would be perfect. If you ask a woman, she will give you 10 reasons why she probably couldn’t do it.
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